Section 8 Housing List

Welcome to the section 8 housing list website. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive housing list for section 8 . On our site you can find section 8 housing lists for your state and city. To start, first located your state or the state you wish to relocate to. Remember before contacting a potential section 8 landlord make sure you have already filled out your section 8 application and have heard back from your local Housing Authority or HUD office.

Providing you have already obtained your section 8 voucher it is time to start looking for a rental. Our section 8 house listings are easy to find, to start please select your state from the list of states below. Once you have selected a state you will be presented with a list of cities. Of the cities provided, select the city closest to the area you would like to relocate. Where possible we have provided contact information for both the apartment complex and the parent company, which is normally the owner of the rental property. In many cases it is easier to contact the parent company to learn about their list of section 8 apartments.

If you are a Landlord and would like to be added to our list please leave a comment, which provides your information. As well please make sure to place your housing information in the city closest to your property.

Please select a state from the list below: