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Below you will find the most recent rentals for section 8 housing in Edwardsville Illinois. While the majority of these properties are apartments some are also section 8 houses for rent. Once you have your section 8 voucher feel free to contact any of the prospective landlords in Edwardsville using the contact information provided below.

Section 8 Housing List for Edwardsville Illinois (IL)




Number of bedrooms






Phone: (618)692-0076



Phone: (618)692-0076 







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I have a concern with finding a HOME not an apartment but in need of a home…. I egarly am wanting the best future for my children an hope that one day like most of us on sec. 8 will be able to live independently off of the program to let someone ealse who is need of hlep as I am now. I had a thought that maybe if “Section 8″ could possibly take into consideration,. As like many of your clients including myself find someone to rent to or even rent to own to a section 8 client is very hard to do, which in some aspects “SOME” people on sec. 8 have made this journey very hectic for our case workers and for many clients that are willing to work hard and gain that independence to INDEPENDENTLY branch off the program and have that security of a place to call thier own. I was wanting to see if there is a possiblity to get with independent home owners and “Willing” realtors that just dont see us as a “High risk Situation” but an oppertunity to give back to thier communities to the the families who maybe just need the extra help to get them to turn thier lives around,Set that example to thier children and/or others… I have taken in to consideration that I am not wanting this to sound like another way to “Get Over” on the system or any program for that matter I am just wanting to help others an of course myself to feel that we have made a difference in our lives not saying that the program doesnt work because it really has for many pple. Iam just one of MANY people who are willing to show it to our case workers and our communities that we are just not “In need” but can be graduates of oppertuneites such as the FSS program but with alot more to show for… Yes, I agree that this can be done with or without a program of any kind, But honestly alot of people simply dont know how or just need that oppertunity or( if you will) that “PUSH” to prove an show it to themselves an others have that feeling of self worth some of us honestly are not shown and are just told of “Sec. 8″ and that they will pay or “Help with the rent” I do want to corrispond with someone about my idea and would be very thankful to here from someone… at top is my E-mail adress please feel free to contact me.:)

The intensity and pace of your correspondence has left an impression. It appears you have had some difficult experiences procuring a safe environment. The frantic measure of your comments along with the panic you must have sent it is apparent.

Government’s client perspective dehumanizes all parties involved to a numb malaise of apathy towards the provisional services guaranteed. People like you and I who abhor the selfish nature sold today and choose not be offended but articulate logical solutions with others best interest in mind are viewed as weak or antiquated.

I pray you and your children discover desirable refuge from the torments of this world.

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