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Below you will find the most recent rentals for section 8 housing in Alameda California. While the majority of these properties are apartments some are also section 8 houses for rent. Once you have your section 8 voucher feel free to contact any of the prospective landlords in Alameda using the contact information provided below.

Section 8 Housing List for Alameda California (CA)




Number of bedrooms






Evans Property Management
Phone: 510-521-6919


ALAMEDA, CA 94501-3883

Phone: (510) 522-8422 







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Hi there,
My name is Juanita Nelson-Combs, my husband Shawn Combs and our two girls (12 months and 6 years old) Azaria and Atani are interested in your property. I am a current PhD student. Section 8 has allowed my family to live comfortably while I have been in school these past years (from the AA to the PhD) we are currently pregnant and I have another 3 years in school before I get out into the work force. We are both disabled and receive Social Security income. I currently have a 3 bed room voucher from Alameda County and will be getting the 4th bed room added to the voucher soon. We need more space and a yard for the children to play safely. Because this is my last degree program we are looking for a place that would offer a purchase option in 2 to 3 years. We love living in the Bay area we currently live in Emeryville in a cute “little” cottage emphasis on “little”. We are interested in seeing your property as soon as possible. If you are interested in us we can attach our rental applications and upon approval from you begin the moving process. Thanks for your time please contact us at 510-395-5629 we look forward to hearing from you. My email is

i am intrested in sec 8 applacations

Hey I’m 7 months pregnant and in a relationship that’s not working out I live with the babys daddy but need to find somewhere else to go ASAP in alameda I am not working at the moment due to my pregnancy if u can help me plz contact me my email is

Senior w/disability seeking 2 bd w/2 bath


hi my name is irma fraire i have a 20 month old daugther i am seeking for am apt or house for both of us i am a singel mother ready to start school my daugther will be in daycare thru the day i am looking in to finding something befor agu31. thank you and a have a bless day you can contact me at my e mail

In need of income or section 8 have a 8 month old baby & need to b out soon

Hi my name is Araselia I have 3 children and 1 grandson section 8 reward my family comfortably I looking house rent 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in Salinas Ca and I am a single mother and my daughter who is18 years old she point to graduate hopefully by June she wants to go to Hartnell College in Salinas and it’s going to be kind of a difficult for me to take her and my other doughter who is 20 years old she had a dematic head injury 6 years ago and it’s kind of difficult for her sometimes to take my grandson bus when he has appointment i some times take my grandson and doughter app and he has a mental delay disorder and me and my daughter receiving Social Security income and I am cuntainly working as a home care provider for my daughter and my grandson and thanks your and a have a bless day you can contact me at (831) 794-0008 or email me at

Iam looking for a two bedroom here in alameda Iam a property manager at my current residence but the building is possible for selling so I would like to move into a new place . And not manager any more

Hello, I’m very interested in your property. I am located in Fremont CA looking to move to a quiet and safe apartment and area that accepts or consider SEC8 voucher. Here is my situation I’m a single mother of two children 16, 11. I am also going through a transition trying to figure it out where and how to move from this place, I have been living here for 4 years and don’t really want to move out but I am force to do it, the reason for me to move is because my current landlord send me a 90 days’ notice stating that they will be selling the property. It’s very hard for me to find a place, being just me looking /calling places, not enough time and it’s more difficult when I am working, I have an 8 hr. job at a school in Berkeley CA and during my break it’s the only time I can call, but so far no luck. I am looking for long term place to stay. Even though I have a job I can’t afford a full rent on my own, and I don’t want to lose my voucher. And to rent a place with no help and one income it’s not enough. I am looking to move in Mid February 2015, I do have the deposit covered just to hold the home. I have very good rental references, But my credit is not all that well do to mess ups when I was younger and at the moment I was unemployed and I couldn’t keep up with my payments this lead me to a bankruptcy , I really dislike this but I didn’t had a choice. I’m Alcohol, drug, pet & smoke free, I do not keep a lot of company but my family when they visit me and I am not a very loud person & take care of homes as if they were my own & I were the landlord myself! I have no felonies, no liens, & no evictions and I am a consider myself a very good tenant & I’m told from all my previous managers I supersede the expectation of the average section 8 tenant , every inspection I pass with a very nice complement and my references will back me on that! I have my deposit in hand. If you would like to check early my current landlord names are Elaine and Nicholas Yan the owners of the property I live for the moment at 510.816.2108 my name is Claudia Rivera. All I have to do is move since the property is in within the housing jurisdiction and of course schedules an inspection. I’m hoping to hear from you soon, Have a pleasant day

Claudia Rivera

I’m looking a house 3 beds 2 baths for rent take sec 8 please . let me know if you have any in Alameda CA . Thanks.

Hi. my names is laura I live in Oakland ca. on section 8 for almost 2 years. I do not have a nice landlord. she was in her 80’s and pass away and bank said it is unsafe for a small child to live in mold and walling falling down and very cold everyday and if there was a firer. you can open the windows so hard you hurt yourself or fall out. the floor borads coming up and wall cracking and doors wont close. and that’s not all that. neigbor in same building put up 12 camers and takes photos and hates kids. and spray posne all over back yard and music up day and night and when ever she sees you she yells at you, she has a mental problem and she send me to the hospital. where I found out I have cervil cancer1-5 years to live. maybe with gods help longer. I would like a small cat /dog before I pass away. my daughter has no friends. fear to live house because of her. she hit my daughter and husband and smokes everyday in back or front yard because her place smells unsafe to be in. ploice wont do anything unless she kills you. my daughter crys at night and puts chairs in front of doors. because she broken in 8 times less then 2 years. she is very mean. we want out . landlord before she pass did not care. she landlady saw her hit me more then 15 times. in less then 2 years.before the landlay die/ we was over place to may to count in a week. without letting ou know she is there. landlay help herself into my place a dozan times with out telling us. . now she lady lordlord pass away. now bank took ovre. we must go. please can any one help. my little one is scare c’ant trust people fear for mommy and daddy hard time sleeping . got so bad her and boyfriend hurt my daughter and me at her school with a gun . school did nothing. then a mean bully hurt my daughter in school. she was almost 5 years old. it got so back with the school and neigbor falling me everywhere. and now cancer/I am stressing out. I need a place in alameda soon. I got tell jun 2.2015. I had Oakland vochar. but change it over to alameda. should get everything ok. in middle of april.2015 so can anyone help me. my name is laura greenhouse I have a husband who keeps to himself on ssa and me on ssa and ssi. I see alameda will pay up to$1743 in alameda. bass on how much you get a month. so I need away out soon. small pets lifts me up and not thinking of my cancer and doctor said good for my cancer and health. pets our and a small girl name rose. she needs to go back to school. not where I live, different school and a husband who work all his life and was in the army and navy long time ago. my number is (510)698-4039 and ask for laura greenhouse or leave your name and number and I will get back to you soon. also I am looking for a 2 bedroom small pets with 3 in family section 8 in alameda up to $1743. 2 bedroom .here from anyone soon…laura greenhouse(510)698-4039

I am very interested in your place I’ve been look without any luck, I am a very hard worker, clean living person who is looking for some one to give me a chance. I have very little family who can help me out with my two kids. whom are very good students and love outdoor activities. we as a family are looking for a place to call home. I am currently working and going to school online to build a better foundation for my family and I.. I would love to hear back from you guys.. are if you know any one else who love to help people to find a place can you pass on my info. so they can assist me with help are resources. thank you in advance.

My wife and I came from China as legal immigrants,we had held green cards,SSIs(cards) and BIC cards. We have no income. We live with my daughter and son-in-law now.
We would like to apply to the low income housing.
however, my daughter can give a little support for the rentals.

I have one son, I am looking for a 2 bedroom house or apt to rent . I have section 8. please help me .thank you

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